Tryavna Ultra - Ionut Petcu ...ultra runner interview

Tryavna Ultra - Ionut Petcu ...ultra runner interview


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2018  3h45/42K / Bucharest International Marathon
2018  2h00/21K / Arobs Transylvania HalfMarathon
2019  1h40/21K / VW Bucharest HalfMarathon
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2019  1h40/21K / Bucharest International Marathon


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Tryavna Ultra - Ionut Petcu ...ultra runner interview

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Articolul de mai jos a fost parte din seria interviurilor de prezentare a participanților la probele de ultramaraton 76K, respectiv 141K din cadrul competiției Tryavna Ultra la care am luat parte pentru a treia oară consecutiv în 2018 și la care voi participa și în 2019 la noua probă competițională de 42K prin creierii Balcanilor. Astfel că conținutul acestuia a fost redactat doar în bulgară aici și engleză aici.

1. Tell us about yourself...

R: When I don't run or I make plans for running I am like a corporatist, a glass designing engineer working today with peoples to design the ideas to make them reality.

2. Why do you run? Who is chasing you?

R: I run because is my point of refresh. The stress, toughts and daily issues are chasing me everyday.

3. Who / What Makes You Start Running? Tell us about your first run.

R: The wish to be part of the game was my starting point for running. I had also 95 kilo's and I wanted to change my lifestyle investing in a dream, to be healty and feel better.

My first competional run was on 2015 at 10K sand course of Sand Marathon, Mamaia. Was difficult being on sand but challenging providing the wish to run again.

4. What do you think while running?

Is a way of life that changes and recharges my days, today almost all my activities are associated with the running being active on local running events, running at big street events as pacer giving evergy and wings to the runners near me to reach the targets from the start, as volunteer when I don't run or in social media making plans for running.

5. Tell us an interesting story about some of your running.

I wanted my first marathon to be memorable.

The plans became reality on previous summer, in 2016 when I ran on my birthday the first marathon at 35 years. This year was in the same day unfortunatelly a marathon was also my first DNF pushing some limits to some injuries on the knees.

6. Speed or endurance?

Endurance for sure. The speed comes to second plan, the endurance was the key to reach great views and enjoy the landscapes. My first 10K, 21K, 42K and ultra was all trail races because I enjoy more the tracks based on endurance.

7. Your first thought after you finish an ultra (except "never again")?

I made it!! Yeeee!

8. What did you like about Tryavna Ultra?

Tryavna Ultra was my barrier over 21K on 2016 finishing the 23K + 3K (the short race) and the ultramarathon barrier on 2017. Is my personal challenge as my UTMB. I like the starting race hour at 6, the route with great Balkan landscapes, the volunteers and the runners.

I run with my big national flag and always the runners are happy to see me on routes wishing a great race. Today when I run in Bulgaria (I had over 10 races this year) I meet great bulgarian friends on every track and I am happy because I feel part of the game not a stranger.

9. What would you add/change to make it an even cooler event?

Based on other bulgarian running events I love the tracking systems with chip placed on finger. At the end is printed fast all the time and laps and are sure you never missed a checkpoint.

10. Give an advice to all beginners.

Go out! Running on treadmill should be only for bad weather. Don't think to run, just run. Take in consideration a medical advice first and if all is OK start with steps, small steps.

The key of a marathon is not the speed or the distance, you have to learn first to manage the running steps always with running shoes, making warmup and cooldown exercises, manage the respiration and hydrate first and at the end of the track.

At the end finishing a marathon or an ultra is important if you loved the journey, not the destination for a place is statistics.


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Tryavna Ultra - Ionut Petcu ...ultra runner interview - | Tryavna Ultra - Ionut Petcu ...ultra runner interview